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Task #238 | Project Company website
Make the contact form easier to use
I have noticed that in the contact form we ask for details not very relevant. Can we streamline it and make it easier to fill?
Assigned to Tina

Comment #1
Dan, you are right. I'll put together a list of potential improvements and post it here. We may be able to receive more inquiries!

Comment #2
I have a PDF that can be inspiring! It's attached below.
simplify forms and get more inquiries.pdf

Comment #3
The PDF is suggesting we try out different versions of the form. How does that sound?

Made in the European Union and available to any country (you can pay in four currencies - dollar, euro, pound and yen).
Your data will be stored on our servers in Europe where Data Protection regulation is very strict.

Benefits: how Collaborade improves things

"As a small business ourselves, we use our product Collaborade for taking care of what needs to be done and hitting our goals.
We are proud we have built such a simple and effective tool which is helping customers like us."

Dan Occhipinti, founder of Danyuki Software Ltd.

Keep track of projects and cases, check their progress, keep a history of them, assign them to members of your team, comment or attach files and, finally, get them done. Get projects out of your email and have everything under control with Collaborade!

Extremely easy to use

Once you start using Collaborade, you will feel more empowered within minutes.

We believe software should be flexible and make your life easier, not complicate it, confuse or discourage you.

Better communication (and fewer emails)

Members of your team will be able to contribute and comment on issues and tasks. All the content will be searchable so that it will be easy to find out what Mike was saying about a certain project one month ago.

Collaborade replaces exchange of emails and unclear vocal communication with a centralised system in which whatever needs to be done is clear and everybody is on the same page.

Be in control with real-time notifications

One of Collaborade's main objectives is to give you a clear picture of what is happening in your business, department, firm or organisation.

You will know who is working on what and you will be able to assign (or re-assign) tasks and projects to different people on your team.

Moreover, you will be notified in your account when the team adds some information you may be interested in (e.g.: new tasks, comment, updates, ...).

Clear assignments

Everybody will know who is responsible for what and, most importantly, there will be a clear record of that.

When there are a lot of things to do, it is easy to forget who is the official assignee of a certain piece of the whole puzzle.

Use your team more effectively

When you have a clear picture of what needs to get done and how busy members of your team are, it is much easier to allocate tasks more efficiently.

Happier team

Your team will enjoy clear communication, which prevents misunderstanding and makes work easier.

Collaborade is also straightforward and fun to use.

Protect your data with advanced security

We use a level of security comparable to that used by online banking (via 256-bit SSL encryption) and we make backups of your data on a daily basis.

This means that, even if your computer gets stolen or broken, you are not going to lose any of your data.

Moreover, our servers are based in Europe, where Data Protection regulations are very strict.

No need of installation or software updates

You do not need to call your IT department for installing Collaborade on your machine - just create an account online and you are ready to go.

Moreover, as soon as we release new features and improvements, you get them automatically. You will not need to install any update.

No more wasted time maintaining your software - we are going to do it for you, so that you can focus on what really matters.

Work from anywhere

You can use Collaborade on virtually any device with a web browser and an Internet connection, anywhere you are.

The site has also been optimised for smartphones and tablets, therefore you can be productive also on the go without the need to download any app.

Just visit the website from any device at hand and you will be able to access your account.

No upfront cost, no long-term contract, cancel anytime

We wanted to make things very easy for you: just start with our free trial and, if you decide you like Collaborade, pay as you go, month by month. If you don't like it, you won't be charged a cent.

Once you become a customer, you can decide to cancel your account anytime.

Pricing: our plans

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€110/month -10% €99,00/month

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Every plan includes
  • Unlimited projects
  • Data export
  • Outstanding support and customer service
  • Automatic daily backups
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • 256-bit SSL Security
  • Automatic updates with new features and improvements
  • Custom branding - display your logo and name in the account
  • Pay as you go, no long-term contracts
  • Switch plan or cancel any time
  • No cancellation fees